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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Latrecia was born in Charleston, SC to Dora and John Yates Hamilton. Latrecia had a humble beginning and at an early age she transitioned to Homestead Long Island, New York. Latrecia returned to Charleston at the age of 6 years old along with her mother who was now a single parent. They arrived on Union Heights on Comstock Avenue. For a time she frequently moved from Union Heights to Charleston on Wolfe Street, James Island, and finally to North Charleston projects of George Lagare Homes. Latrecia grew up in poverty with a mentally ill mother. As the oldest sybling, Latrecia learned strength and survival by helping to care for her mother, brother and sisters. Latrecia survived her upbringing through hard work, ambition and her faith in God.


Latrecia, a mother of a blended family of six understands how important and critical it is to guide and protect the family unit. Especially not having a father figure in the home she understands that a strong family unit is crucial to survival. Latrecia’s daughter passed away of cancer this year, and is currently raising her two sons ages 15 and 10. Latrecia spent her life in public service and worked for 18 years in the Charleston County public school system. Latrecia enjoys working in her community and has always remained visible among the people of her district. As a Realtor, she enjoys serving her clients in finding homes. Latrecia helped to co-found a small business with her daughter in the North Charleston Area. Latrecia also served on the Board for the Charleston County Republican party for two years as the Chair of Outreach. Latrecia is a strong believer of unity and why she founded U.N.I. T.Y. (United Nations International Teamwork and You). Unity’s purpose is to produce a bi-partisan relationship designed to resolve complex issues and to seek common ground to learn from each other and to learn to respect one another in a bipartisan way.


Latrecia is a strong leader, a free speech advocate, a visionary and a defender of truth and freedom. She is a positive influence in her community and has deep concerns of what is in their best interest. She stands for the spirit of patriotism. 

Latrecia is continuing to pursue her education and working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Religion.

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